Bear cub

  1. Ham (for frying, stewing, cooking)
  2. Loin (for stewing, frying, baking, barbecue)
  3. Shank (soup, broth, borsch, jellied meat)
  4. Neck (for cooking, frying, baking, minced meat)
  5. Ribs (for stewing, rolls, minced meat)
  6. Paws (for cooking, stewing)
  7. Shovel (for baking, stewing, roast)
  8. Flank (for stewing and languishing, meatballs, rolls or meatballs)
  9. Head (for the manufacture of hunting trophies)
  10. Brisket (for baking, stewing, smoking)
  11. Tenderloin (medallion, steak, (for baking, cooking))

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