1. Ham (fried, boiled, stewed dishes, pickles and smoked)
  2. Loin (for soups, stir-fry, barbecue, stew) 2.1. Loin on the bone
  3. Spatula (for kebabs and chops, roast, broth)
  4. Knuckle (for baking)
  5. Brisket (for cooking, stewing, barbecue, baking)
  6. Neck (for cutlets, barbecue, roast, broth, jelly)
  7. Flank (for making rolls)
  8. Head (for cooking, for serving, for making hunting trophies)
  9. Ribs (barbecue, broths, for frying)
  10. Tenderloin (for fried foods)

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