Elk meat

  1. Ham (for stewing, frying, baking)
  2. Neck (for frying, stewing, baking, cooking on open fire, cooking, stuffing)
  3. Spatula (for stewing, frying, baking)
  4. Ribs (for cooking on an open fire, baking, frying)
  5. Inner thigh (for braising and baking)
  6. Tenderloin (for frying, stewing, baking, barbecue)
  7. Shank (for stewing, cooking, jelly)
  8. Rump (for stewing, frying, cooking)
  9. Brisket (for minced meat, boiling, stewing, frying)
  10. Flank (for soups, as fillings, as well as for casseroles, sausages and meatballs)
  11. Loin (for soups, baking)
  12. The outer part of the thigh (for cooking and stewing)

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